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Historic Tavern and Restaurant

Marin County, CA, USA


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The William Tell House is heralded as the oldest bar in Marin County. This historic saloon dates back to 1877 and features a 100-year old mahogany bar. The restaurant has been recently renovated and is well equipped with a spacious dining room and a large outdoor dining area. The right food and beverage program would be scalable to grow for the tourism season and trim down to serve the local community outside peak season. The spacious bar is equipped with a 5-tap beer system and three speed well stations. The restaurant most recently offered over-the-counter service to position it for high volume. The dining room is updated and equipped for service. It also has a type 1 hood and is well-equipped for most types of cooking. Being situated right off Hwy 1, the restaurant is positioned to capture many tourists making their way to Dillon Beach or Bodega Bay.

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